Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of expiry for Ration Packs?

They are intended to last for a shelf life of 1-3 years following the date of production. The useful life of the packs depending on the suitable storage conditions specified on the packaging may also vary according to the specifications of the ingredients.

Are there any allergic food in ration packs?

Allergen warnings are featured on the outer pouches of ration meal and on individual inner food packages. They should be checked before consumption.

How is taste ensured in ration packs?

Carefully selected ingredients are prepared thanks to our experienced chefs and food engineers, using the most appropriate processing and cooking methods.

Can I customize the packs?

YES. We can prepare each ration pack according to the requests and demands.

How is durability ensured in ration packs?

Ration packs are sterilized through high technology HTST (high temperature short time) process. Thus, no microorganism remains in the pouch. Meanwhile, nutritional values and organoleptic properties are maintained at maximum as the sterilization process is completed in short time at high temperature. There is no need for any preservatives and additives since there is no microorganism left.